Letters December 1, 2012

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No time to grumble in the real jungle

WHAT is it about the human brain which makes the public so cruel and uncompassionate?

 Why do so many people vote for the weakest and most nervous contestants to do the bush-tucker trials on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, often leaving people to starve? Why are these trials so disgusting too?

 Serving with HQRA in the Malaysian Jungle for three years we didn’t have to eat revolting tucker or be smothered in rats or cockroaches.

 Yes there were snakes, scorpions, leeches and giant tigers too, but these are not creatures of entertainment but ones wishing to be left alone.

 The present series has a World Boxing Champion, David Haye, a true hero.

 Let’s vote for David and get some good grub into the camp.

 Hoping the trials will be the stuff of what heroes are made of and not silly bags of worms to make Ant and Dec laugh.

 One wonders when they will suffer one of their humiliating ordeals. Imagine the headline: Ants on Dec and Rats on Ant.

Mr Jim Chambers,


We must unite

IN reply to the letter from Keith Powell (November 15).

 He has misunderstood the letter. My intentions were good and my heading was Educate to unite.

 If he would kindly read it again with that heading in mind, surely, he will agree with the content.

 It is a time when everyone in our society must unite to prevent outsiders interfering with the potential or intention to destroy our peace and giving our city a bad name.

 I have met some wonderful people in this country and nor I do not put all of his fellow countrymen (which I also consider to be my countrymen) in the same box as the named extremists.

 Those who do follow and agree with their actions are very few this is something that I am well aware of.

Tahir Khan,


Unity Organisation


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Important to listen

MORE and more we hear, usually on the television, of failures in the medical profession.

 As a very old person I make my old, and I hope, thoughtful observations.

 In so many cases it appears too many doctors and nurses do not take any notice of parents observations and pay nothing but lip service to those concerned.

 In these cases doctors and nurses should stop and think about these situations and realise they could do better when things are not going right.

 As we know we all have our failings and it is a matter of rectification.

 I try to speak as I find and have always had the greatest of respect for the medical profession.

 I do know, however, how I feel about that drug beta blockers.

 This was over-prescribed to a relative. Suddenly, after a number of dizzy spells which she, as a 93-year-old, had never had before.

 She knew what was making her have these.

 Up to then everyone admired her relative good health and activity. She was still cutting and laying small carpets and creosoting her own garden fence.

 On reflection, after a number of years, I wish I had brought this situation to the attention of members of the public and perhaps help them.

Name and address supplied

Great charity night

I WOULD like to thank Margaret the landlady of the Cauld Lad Pub, Hylton Castle, for the hard work she did to help me on November 17 when I held a charity night for Macmillan Nurses.

 Thanks must go to Pauline for the fabulous cake.

 Lots of thanks goes to my family and friends and Morrisons of Castletown for the raffle prizes, especially my granddaughter Stephanie for the signed Sunderland football, singer John Foxton who kept everybody entertained so well and Patsy for all her help.

 All money made went to the Macmillan nurses of Sunderland Royal Hospital who are looking after my husband Billy so well.

Susan Douglas,

Town End Farm

Clothes left on bus

I AM writing to ask if anyone has lost some items of clothing on the No 35 bus on November 19.

 My mam picked up the bag of clothes from Bon Marche by mistake and didn’t realise until she returned home.

 I have since contacted the bus company, but no one has rang up.

 If anyone has lost or knows anyone who has can they contact me on 0191 385 9343 and I will return them.

Mrs L Chadrick,

Chilton Moor

Feathering nests

NOW that we thought that the dust had settled on the politicians’ expenses scandal it seems not much has changed.  The feather nesters are still at it.

 I wrote a letter in March 2010 when I borrowed some lines from U.S. President Kennedy’s famous speech.

 Well I’ve changed a word or two again in it. No disrespect to the great man’s speech, so here goes.

 “It’s not what you can screw out of your country and countrymen but how much more can your screw out of your country and countrymen.”

 The working class don’t have the privileges etc that MPs get, yet we are told to tighten our belts while they are still on a nice little earner.

 It sucks.

Joe Harding,

Red House