LETTER: Will Advocaat stay at Sunderland?

Dick Advocaat
Dick Advocaat
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I wonder if, at the end of Wednesday’s match against Arsenal, Dick Advocaat began to sense the true depth off the feeling for and potential which is entwined and wrapped around our special club?

In times past it has touched Brian Clough, Charlie Hurley and in more recent times Niall Quinn and perhaps Kevin Phillips. I haven’t included Bob Murray and Kevin Ball, perhaps I should!

 I wonder, was it age, his experience of life and his career which allowed him just a brief insight into what SAFC is all about?

 I wonder if he has identified that honest humility mixed with tremendous pride and identity for the club which thousands of Wearside folk (and beyond) show and indeed live their lives in parallel with.

 In my opinion it is this pride mixed with humility which sets Sunderland supporters apart from most of their rivals, particularly that lot up the road. Was it that which brought a tear to the eye of “The Little General”, the one who rules with a fist of iron inside a glove of iron?

 Perhaps it will be that hidden element of SAFC which might enable Mr Advocaat to persuade Mrs Advocaat to move to Wearside for a year or so and at the same time for our beloved club to at last be guided by someone who is old and wise enough to do it.

 It’s not until you reach a similar age yourself that you are able to recognise when the signs are so good. They’ll never be better Mr Short.

Alan Jackson

Tudhoe Village