LETTER: There are no true socialists

Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband
Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband
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I COULD not agree more with Alan Wright about hypocrisy in the Labour Party.

 Members have been masquerading as socialists for donkeys years. At the Levenson Inquiry, Murdoch stated he had backed Blair because he knew he was a Tory. Treasurer Brown bragged about carrying on Tory fiscal policy and let the Bank of England off the leash and the bankers are still hard at it printing their bonuses and making billions while working people are applying to food banks to feed their families.

 Milliband should try acting and thinking like a socialist – he would get a surprise after 40 years of Tory rule.

 After two recent spells in Sunderland hospital I recognised a immigration policy that George Howe would agree with, that is the poaching of medical staff from Third World countries after they have spent years and their very meagre resources to train and educate these people to look after their countries’ own.

Michael Dodds,

High Barnes