Letter of the week: Want to know what is wrong with Sunderland and society?

Do you agree with our writer's views on what he feels is wrong with Sunderland?
Do you agree with our writer's views on what he feels is wrong with Sunderland?
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Why are the streets of Sunderland town centre allowed to be infested with young people begging passers by for money?

These people look fit enough to do a day’s work. Where are the police to move them out of the city?

Oh I forgot, 75% of the police are based in London, giving protection to MPs while the rest of the country pay taxes to finance them.

We hear about fly tipping, council cut backs on rubbish, surely these eyesores begging can be removed off the streets along with the rest of the rubbish.

Recently I received a form to fill in about quad bikes and scramblers causing a nuisance.

Well I can remember when there was no anti-social behaviour because the estates had police, and I mean proper real police living on the estates.

Also we had proper teachers who taught respect and discipline along with the three Rs.

Why do groups of teenagers board a bus and stand just inside, restricting access and egress, empty seats at the back waiting for them to rest their backsides on, but they will not budge from the front.

Never a word from the driver.

And why are people who have been drawing benefits for years allowed to go on milking the public taxes?

They are quite capable to walk to the bars, cover themselves in tattoos and puff away on their smokes, but can’t work, criticise Poles, Romanians, but they can’t work.

I am a very disillusioned.

Richy Mackem.

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