Letter of the week: 'Sunderland Pride event reminded me that humans do actually like each other'

People at the Sunderland Pride event last month.
People at the Sunderland Pride event last month.

We all need a boost and the Sunderland Pride event held in the city centre on Sunday, September 24, gave me one.

The people who took part were friendly and the crowds of onlookers lining streets responded with amazement and applause. The it suddenly hit me: there are lots of human beings who actually like each other.

Sun shines on Sunderland Pride

Hindu Naru Sand introduced the entertainment in Park Lane. I was moved by the rousing singing of Annabelle, and enjoyed the folk music of Olsen-Brown (two women married to each other).

I carried a homemade placard which read: LGBTQIA. This jumble of letters stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, asexual.

John Watson,
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