Letter of the week: Stop feeding Sunderland's seagulls and rats

A seagull on the prowl for food in Sunderland city centre.
A seagull on the prowl for food in Sunderland city centre.
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My family has the misfortune to live very close to two nationwide fast food outlets in Castletown.

Some people might think this was wonderful, because some of their food products are quite tasty, but not us!

Because we live so close, we have selfish customers to put up with. There they sit, parked up in the street, munching on their mounds of chicken and fries without a care in the world.

Don’t they spot the vast numbers of seagulls circling, waiting for the inevitable tossing out of the greasy remnants from the vehicles.

These clever birds actually appear at midday, as if by magic and stuff their faces. It’s like feeding time at the zoo (but who’s the animal?).

Alongside the food will inevitably be packaging - so much that it sometimes makes drifts along the road, and it blows into all our gardens. Can’t these people who toss out rubbish find a

waste bin, or does all the grease clog up their brains?

I appeal to all these litter louts to clean up their rubbish and stop feeding the seagulls and rats!

Annoyed Gardener,

East Herrington