Letter of the week: Let's go to war on Sunderland's phantom fly tippers

Do you agree with our letter writer about litter levels in Sunderland?
Do you agree with our letter writer about litter levels in Sunderland?

It was a windy day in Washington, I was walking my dog and disgusted to see five full black bin bags on the grass around the walk.

Then later I was driving to visit my grandchildren and family when a black bin-liner, half full, blew across the front of my car. I was lucky only small scratches were caused, but this could have caused a multiple car crash.

I have held a full licence for forty-eight years now and I have never had a bag of rubbish blow into my car until that windy day in Washington in 2018. My worry is, not only for myself, but for all motorists' safety.

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The time is nigh for serious crashes to happen because of people disputing the new fortnightly bin emptying. It’s not only discarded bin bags, all sorts of rubbish is blowing across our roads and paths now.

I must add, the following morning all the five bags and surrounding garbage were all removed thanks to prompt action taken by our great highways department via the civic centre.

We have to get really tough on the phantom fly tippers and everyone throwing rubbish onto our streets and highways. It’s not only unsightly, it’s dangerous and a disease risk to the public and all pets.

Jimmy Chambers,


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