Letter of the week: 'I honestly feel sorry at times for Sunderland owner Ellis Short'

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.
Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Another manager gone but the same old rubbish remains.

I honestly feel sorry at times for Ellis Short.

This man has put more money into SAFC than any other and because his business is in America he has relied on people like Byrne, McBain and their ilk to look after his investment in SAFC and been let down badly.

Can anyone tell me that some syndicate is willingly going to take over the wage bill for this lot that masquerades as so-called stars?

Who in their right mind would continue to pay the wages of Rodwell, O’Shea, Kone, Gibson, Cattermole and the other has beens and never beens brought in by successive managers, given playing time to the detriment of the home talent that were successful for the under 23s?

These contracts that have been signed in Mr Short’s name are an anchor round the neck, and have to be honoured.

Grayson has paid with his job, but what about McBain, who quote “was happy with the transfer business and the players brought in”?

What a load of shear unadulterated rubbish.

Until there is a mass clearout of the so-called senior pros there will be no prospect of this club returning to the top flight.

We need an Allardyce type with complete control on and off the pitch, given free reign to play the young academy players in place of the so-called stars, who are taking us down again.

If the youngsters had been played in the last 10 games of last season when we were already down, we might have saved a lot of money on the big wage earners that are here now.

Forget the likes of Bennett and who spout about you can’t win anything with youth and you need experience. Well, you can’t win games with players with no pace, no skill and no heart.

Ask Ferguson about youth, ask Moyes even about Rooney. Alas Moyes came here and forgot about young local players.

Richy Mackem.

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