Letter of the week: Get rid of your leftovers and you'll get rid of the seagulls

A seagull hunting for food in Sunderland's Crowtree Road.
A seagull hunting for food in Sunderland's Crowtree Road.
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Surely, it’s time for a standing fine to be implemented on people scattering food leftovers out for the birds.

I say this because it isn’t the finches, bluebirds etc that they attract, it’s the gulls.

I’ve spent a full weekend cleaning my drive and it’s hard going, believe me. Only to see some fool scattering bread out on the front verge and within minutes the gulls are over and I have

to start cleaning the drive and the car again.

With the council cutting back the refuse collection to once every two weeks and bins overflowing, the next vermin to arrive will be four legged. This is what the people who do this should


In the Naval dockyard at Plymouth the Navy brought in falconers to rid the base of the problem and the Devon councils are talking about fining people.

Due to the change in climate birds are quite capable of feeding themselves. They will still come into your back garden so why not put the leftovers and crumbs where they belong –in the


Richy Mackem.