Let’s get Vaux site sorted

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The recent Vibe magazine, presumably sent to everyone, at some cost,by Sunderland Business Ltd, is an attempt to encourage us all to support the City of Culture bid 2021.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about grass not being cut, rubbish not being collected and Government cuts and council shortcomings (free food after meetings – terrible!).

One of the main problems which was non existent some 20 years ago is caused by guttersnipes and litter louts, who insist on leaving rubbish of all kinds in every conceivable place.

This eventually has to be cleared away at a price by someone and is a totally unnecessary expense in these economic downtimes.

Having said all that one of the greatest eyesores in Sunderland at the present time and which has remained the same for days, months and years is the Vaux site – let us all hope it gets sorted before 2021.

Phil Fairclough