Let down by Government

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In his letter, DS (October 14) was hailing aspiring Conservative Councillor Dominic McDonagh and his comment regarding the state of some pavements in the city centre.

Yes, some areas of pavement could have been better laid and perhaps the council should have checked the standard of workmanship before signing off with the contractor.

However, for DS to then go on to say that we should stop blaming Government cutbacks is beyond a joke.

Savage cuts in Government funding, especially those not of their political persuasion and not in the South East or the leafy shires is a reality and here in Sunderland and that reality is set to get significantly worse in the coming months and years ahead of us as George Osborne’s plans are set in motion.

The council will be forced to make unpopular decisions, which of course the Government will say are nothing to do with them, even though it is they who are knowingly under-funding the council.

The proposed brown wheelie bin charge is a clear example of this and I’m sure it was not a decision arrived at lightly by the council, but the proposed charge is only £25 (less than £1 a week) and we should remember that many council’s do not and never have collected garden waste.

How Conservative Councillor Peter Wood had the gall to complain about the charge is beyond me. He knows full well that it is yet another example of the impact of Government cuts to council funding and tied to the political ideology that he supports of reducing the state (both local and central government) to a bare minimum.

We are being let down by this Government.

Rod Hepplewhite