Learning is more important than the uniform in schools

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I think that the children of Houghton Kepier School were treated absolutely disgracefully.

The boy in the photograph looked very smart and there was nothing wrong with his trousers.

Humiliating pupils and their parents because of a slight shade difference shows a lack of compassion.

I remember when Pennywell School first opened. There were three children in our family and two of us started on its first day.

The old woollen blazer had seen better days and where it was worn it looked more purple than black. mam dyed two cotton blouses for me.

They certainly didn’t look the same shade as the nylon one.

At PE some of us didn’t have a tracksuit, shorts, gym skirt or leotard.

I think hardly any us had trainers. We had to wear plimsolls (a light canvas shoe with a rubber sole) even for pounding the streets or all-weather pitch.

Later, when scarves were introduced to the uniform only some children had them.

Money was sometimes scarce but it sometimes is now what with low wage rises and people having to use food banks.

I am all for school uniforms but school is primarily for education. More important than clothing is the behaviour of pupils, both inside and outside of the school.

Hopefully, next year staff won’t be nit-picking while pupils stand in the rain and are sent home to miss lessons.

Name withheld