Lakeside residents reassured after Grenfell fire disaster

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Lakeside consists of seven multi-story towers with 70% of those living there elderly, disabled, or suffering from many of the other age related conditions.

After the Grenfell Fire Disaster, Mr Braithwaite, chairman of Lakeside Residents’ Association, organised an open meeting with residents and those charged with ensuring their safety.

Councillor Porthouse contacted representatives from Gentoo Housing, Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Services, Sunderland Buildings Control Department and Police Officers. Sunderland Echo published details of the meeting and Lakeside Sports and Social Club made available its concert room.

On a wet cold night all these groups, together with local councillors and residents came together.

Residents had a great many questions with all fully answered and were reassured that there were no combustible panels on any tower, and that fire and rescue services are able to reach Lakeside within four minutes.

Many were surprised at the detailed planning already in place and that those residents needing extra assistance were already identified and their details available to both police and fire officers.

We also learned that in an emergency people at all levels are willing to come together to help in any way they can – adequately demonstrated by the kindly barmaid acting as waitress delivering throughout the room hot cups of tea.

Mrs M Cassap,

Secretary of Lakedside Residents’ Association