Lack of police on our streets

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I often wonder where all the police and community police have gone to.

Sometimes when an incident, like a terrorist attack or an attack on Westminster, you see them swarming all over the place.

Now look at your estate in this city, such as Farringdon, Thorney Close, Houghton and tell me when was the last time you saw a police patrol on the streets?

A year ago, two years ago?

You may see a police car outside a shop but you won’t see a police car at your house if you’ve been burgled.

You won’t see them putting boots on the ground stopping antisocial behaviour.

You never see them at all unless they have a speed gun in hand.

We pay council tax for them. We pay money so we can have peace in our homes, protection for our property, to live our lives peacefully without being intimidated by problem families.

Are they value for money? Sorry, not really.

Richy Mackem