Lack of cash is poverty

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The Echo Opinion column (July 27) asked if it was right for Sharon Hodgson MP to bring forward the problem of child hunger during the school holidays?

I believe she was correct in bringing this serious problem to public notice.

Sharon must realise, of course, that she will get no sympathy from the Government on this matter, bearing in mind its appalling record on the subject of child poverty.

When David Cameron gained power in 2009-10 the number of children living in poverty was 3.6 million. This figure has now reached 4.1million and is still rising.

Experts are predicting the number of children living in poverty by 2020, will have increased by another million.

However, the man who seems to have no respect or empathy for the poor, Iain Duncan Smith, has had a brainwave, which he says should help to eradicate child poverty.

This idea is so simple one wonders why nobody else has thought of it before. He has decided to remove any mention of family income from the system.

Mr Duncan Smith apparently doesn’t realise that it is not credible to try to improve the life chances of poor children without acknowledging the obvious symptom of poverty – the lack of money

W Quinn