Labour’s wild promises that they can not keep

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Not a week goes by without Sharon Hodgson MP calling for more spending on everything from the Metro to free school meals and from schools to hospitals, to name but four, but on university tuition fees she has made a wild promise that her party cannot keep.

In a tweet during the General Election she claimed her leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had said “Labour could write off historic student debts” and called for students in their early 20s with debt to “Vote Labour”giving her own clear commitment to reducing debt for millions of people.

Sadly for those who may have taken this as a sincere promise to pay off student debt, others in the Labour Party have quickly played this down, with Angela Rayner saying that ‘we have no plans to write off existing student debt and we never promised to do so’.

At best this looks like our local MP has mispoken perhaps a consequence of her habit of making casual and irresponsible promises week after week on the pages of this newspaper without any genuine appreciation of the consequences or ability to pay for them.

Coun Robert Oliver