Labour party has ‘ruined’ Sunderland

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With reference to W Quinn’s recent letter, need party to work for us, we are all entitled to our opinions, but I need to jog his memory regarding the last Labour government’s financial situation under Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

When the Labour Party was defeated in 2010, the then chief secretary to the Treasury under Brown, Liam Byrne, left a note for his successor that proved to be a gift for the Tories when he said: “I’m afraid there is no money”.

What does that tell you how the Labour Party ran its finances and economy?

Tony Blair left the party a wealthy man, with properties it seems all over the world, and now a multi-millionaire.

Jeremy Corbyn was never, and still not 100%, behind Brexit. He will never be able to get the UK a good deal.

John McDonnell is forever changing his mind on what is best for our economy.

Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, was clueless when it came to explaining the need for extra policing.

Angela Rayner, Labour Party Education spokesperson, demands more teachers, but doesn’t know how many.

And this lot are looking to run the country?

The people of Sunderland voted to leave the EU but not our three Local Labour MPs.

What does that tell you?

They would be better off trying to persuade Sunderland Council, which has ruined canny old Sunderland for the last 40 years, to clean up the city and spend our council tax wisely in our bid for the City of Culture.

Tom Brown