Keep Sunderland seafront for leisure

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Why can they not build the houses at the back of the land towards Seafields, away from the front, and keep the seafront for seaside amenities.

The parking down there is terrible now without taking away car parks.

People come down here to play on the beach not to look at houses.

This is why we should have a leisure centre with a paddling pool and amusements so there is somewhere to go if it starts to rain.

You have only to look at South Shields front and leisure centre to see how popular it is.

I am looking forward to seeing the tall ships, but will we allowed on to the docks in cars as it is a long way to walk from the high street as a lot of us are not able to walk that far.

If the council wants to build houses why can they not use Hylton Campus.

Electricity, gas and water are on site and there are schools, shops, supermarkets and buses all near at hand .

The council are very quiet about everything, so come on let us know what is going on.

G .H.Liddle,