Keep nuclear weapons debate sensible

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Ged Taylor writes under a heading ‘He needs to get our more’ (Echo July 14) criticising earlier comments about the UK’s nuclear weapons.

He asks that as only the UK and France have nuclear weapons in Western Europe why has Korea and Russia not invaded Germany and Spain.

Well first of all Spain and Germany are in NATO and, as such, come under the umbrella provided by the USA and UK nuclear deterrents.

Secondly, and regarding Korea in particular, it would be difficult for that country to invade Spain or Germany.

Spain is 6,344 miles from Korea by air.

Some interesting logistics involved there.

As for moving an invasion force by sea, this would need to cover 10,550 nautical miles taking some 44 days. There is a good chance they would be spotted.

If we are going to have debate about nuclear weapons let us keep it sensible.

Peter O’Connor