Jeremy Corbyn should have attended Liverpool Armed Forces Day

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A question of moral duty

I find it beyond belief that the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was at Glastonbury to deliver a speech to middle class yuppies wearing Hunter wellies (who else can afford a basic tent at £235).

He should have been at an Armed Forces Day rally.

While Mr Corbyn was pulling pints of cider at Glastonbury Theresa May was in Liverpool for Armed Forces Day, paying tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives in order to keep us safe.

It may not be sexy but it was undoubtedly the moral thing to do.

While Mr Corbyn is loving his adulation by younger people, getting cheers from thousands of young at Glastonbury, he seems to have forgotten to honour those men and women who died in conflicts around the world so that he could live in peace and deliver speeches to the masses.

Shame on you, Mr Corbyn.

Scott Andrews,

ex-British serviceman