Jeremy Corbyn political point scoring

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I writing to correct Michael Dodds and John Lilburne who do not have their facts right.

I did not write the letter headlined “Corbyn not a leader”.

They presumed it was a man who wrote the letter, it was my wife, and she is entitled to her opinion the same as yourselves.

I was a Labour voter until Tony Blair.

You say the Tories reduced the forces, so did Mr Blair with his lies and illegal war in Iraq.

Thousands of civilians and out troops were killed and I certainly would not vote while Mr Corbyn is in charge.

Other Labour supporters have told me the same.

Nuclear weapons are a deterrent. If you did not have them Korea, Russia and other countries would be rubbing their hands.

You both know as well as me Mr Corbyn said he would not push the button first. There would be no second chance, it would be all over.

I was in the army on active service and I would not like to think I was not given a weapon as a deterrent.

As far as Mr Corbyn’s manifesto goes, Mr Miliband said you can promise anything in opposition.

As far as the Grenfell tower block fire goes, Mr Corbyn was a disgrace, still trying to score political points and Mr McConnell is not an MP that I would want to vote for, he is more like a union man organising protests.

Mr Corbyn is really working hard, crawling around people at Glastonbury for votes.

Mrs May has more things to think about, leading this country and being strong, negotiating for Brexit – what the people voted for.

Mr L Hurst