Jeremy Corbyn is ‘a traitor to this country’

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I have lived in the North East of England all of my life. This area has always been a Labour stronghold.

If you promise policies you can not fulfil, like which Mr Corbyn has done and said in this election, and who openly said that he would not retaliate if there was a threat to this country, he is not fit to vote for. He is not a leader.

Who in their right mind would want war, but in this world today there are people who want to cause trouble and you must be prepared.

We would like a peaceful, healthy, happy life.

How Mr Corbyn has the audacity to say Mrs May should resign after he again openly supported IRA.

He is a traitor to this country.

Mrs May, our Prime Minister won this election and her own party and the country should stand by her.

I voted Conservative this time because I think, along with all the people who voted for Mrs May, she is a much stronger person to lead us out of Europe and make the right decisions for Great Britain.

S Hurst