It was not an election vote

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Rod Hepplewhite writes that I must be “cock-a-hoop” over the referendum result, Echo July 4. I wonder which forum he picked this up from?

I’m pleased he also mentioned Coun George Howe. The Councillor seems to be more in tune with the people of Sunderland than the elected MPs and the Sunderland Labour party.

However, in the real world it seems Mr Hepplewhite does not understand the process and what has happened. He writes that Coun Howe and I should “make sure their Government delivers on the promises made during the campaign”. Mr Hepplewhite should understand the Government did not make any promises.

It is also worth noting that Vote Leave was not a party-based group. In Sunderland their campaigners were Conservatives, Labour and Ukip supporters as well as people with no political allegiance.

The various groups in the Brexit camp were brought together to fight in the referendum campaign for leaving the EU, they are not a political party. It is only the Government that can negotiate terms around the exit from the EU.

Alan Wright