It’s time for a shake up

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After the demise of the Lib Dems at the General Election, it seems Labour is also going to self-implode when Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader.

Labour was once a great political party, but there is nothing to say it has to exist forever. It was nearly pulled apart in the 1980s. Sadly, the SDP failed to maintain its momentum and got swallowed up by the Liberals.

Labour has been a victim of its own success. Formed to raise the conditions of the poor, it succeeded so well that ordinary people now vote Conservative.

The old working-class no longer exists. There is no great mass of weak and poor people needing their own political party.

This country needs a re-alignment of existing opposition parties into a credible alternative government. The Labour Party needs breaking up. Why not let Corbyn’s followers have their hard left protest movement, then others can regroup into a proper Social Democratic Party? Then they can absorb what remains of the Lib Dems.

Charles Napier,