It’s sad to see the changes

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I know that the council has to make cutbacks, given that the Government has cut its funding, but I am saddened that the new library is going back to the old library.

It is moving somewhere in the museum but where I am unsure. Since the old museum was modernised in the dreaded name of ‘progress’, I have been unable to find my way to the rear area of the building, thanks to those fancy plastic panels/rooms that have totally spoilt the place compared to the olde worldly elegance of the interior.

I well remember the sweeping wooden stairs leading to the various levels and perchance I may persevere in getting past the modern areas to find out if they are still there along with the wooden panelled walls but, in my heart of hearts, I believe I will be sorely disappointed.

I will abstain and just wallow in nostalgia as is my want.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent