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The subway at lower Dundas Street has not been cleaned for at least three weeks, not since children have returned to school.

Young school children (age three to 11), who go to Dame Dorothy use this subway every day. It is littered with broken glass and the consequences of falling onto it can be imagined.

I have contacted the council which claimed that it was cleaned every two weeks and that it would be cleaned on a weekly basis due to the problem and constant use by school children.

Consideration has not been taken into the safety of children who uses this subway to travel to school and swimming lessons at the Aquatic Centre.

What problems or difficulty is there with carrying out this simple and reasonable request?

We understand that there are limited amount of resources available, and before you blame the Tory Government, let me point out some decisions which you have wasted money on.

1. Vaux brewery site.

2. The cost of the trees on St Mary’s Boulevard.

3. Moving central library, renovating it then move it back to the winter garden

I thank you that you have taken time and attention to this matter and hope that you will fulfil your community duty to work for the local people.

Name withheld