It is pretty pathetic

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Dick Advocaat’s sudden departure from SAFC leaves a sour taste, leaving the club in the relegation lurch.

If he was a man of principle who was unhappy with the clubs close season transfer dealings he would have walked away at the end of August, citing broken promises. He actually pronounced himself satisfied with SAFC’s business at the time.

Eight games, including five defeats, later he walks away, moaning to the press. How two faced can you get?

Funnily enough, Dick has yet to mention that he proved tactically inadequate, playing a naively expansive game week after week as borne out by Sunderland’s goals against column testifies to.

The fact is that while the current squad is lacking in strength and specifically regarding the lack of defensive options and cover, there is no way that it should be in the relegation zone.

A good manager with more tactical nous would have had at least 12 points on board by now. Advocaat could not tactically outthink the managers of Leicester, Norwich and Bournemouth for starters, and our squad is better than each of these clubs. Passion, collective team spirit and a tactical outlook that the players are comfortable playing with in any given situation are key.

I agree that SAFC needs to get the fundamentals correct and that it can’t always be the manager’s fault, but ultimately Advocaat walking away and bad mouthing aspects of the club and accepting little responsibility for a points total of three out of 24 is pretty pathetic in my view.

Tom Lynn