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Well, after a number of days, finally, David Cameron, Prime Minister of our country came clean.

It took a lot of denials, but eventually he admitted to £30,000. Then a little later, he had gained a £300,000 inheritance from his late Father. Trust this man and his fellow Tories – no way.

I think all these figures could be multiplied by three and an extra million added for good measure.

Its amazing how ordinary people who tried to put their property into a trust fund, for their family inheritance, were told by this Government, these trusts weren’t feasible. So how are the Cameron’s family trusts feasible and allowed?

A couple if weeks ago the same people came under pressure about disabled benefit cuts, which incidently are still being cut, even this week for some people having the PIP assessment. So, lies again that this wasn’t going to happen have been told by the Government. Disabled people are being penalised for having an ongoing illness. Their benefits cut to £24 a week, which seems to be the payment Mr Cameron feels can be spared to the disabled person. The PIP invite and form is the unfairest thing ever and is discrimination against the disabled people. Questions such as: Can you plan a journey or making decisions about money, communicating, reading’ – what the heck has that got to do with someone suffering a disabling heart condition, lung disorders, breathlessness, Parkinsons, painful and wearying arthritic problems. These are just a few illnesses to mention, all of which are life threatening too.

The PIP exam is obviously set out to give zero points to almost all claimants. These people have disabling problems which wont get better, but they do have a brain. The PIP form being the latest scam to screw disabled from getting any help.

Very similar is the Continuing Health Care for elderly or persons who can no longer look after themselves safely.

This form is worded so no one can achieve the points needed to gain funding. It’s all a joke.

It’s time Mr Cameron and his partners walked into the wilderness, gather their thoughts and run the country to help the disabled, the elderly, businesses and stop their lies to us.

Britain is not poor. It’s a wealthy country which would be more wealthy if Mr Cameron and Co kept their money here in this country instead of putting their investment into a tax haven, which quite frankly is morally wrong.

Susan Watson