It has no need to close doors

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Here we go again. The council’s, often, knee-jerk reaction to a venue which is not making a profit, close it.

It is not surprising that visitor numbers are poor at Monkwearmouth Railway Museum, nothing ever changes. I am a fairly frequent visitor to the museum, and apart from small exhibitions now and again, there is nothing new or interesting. There is a limit to viewing photographs of the football fans on their way to the 1973 Cup Final – especially at the moment.

Several years ago I was in a party of U3A members on a tour behind the scenes at Sunderland Museum. The number of artefacts in storage was an eye opener.

Please get some of them over to Monkwearmouth, they could fill those empty rooms.

If some of the Tyne and Wear Museum staff build up new exhibitions a few days at a time, so the museum need not close, the few loyal visitors and others will not be lost.

It’s a challenge, please take it on.

Mrs J Lynch