Is this what Sunderland people voted for in Brexit referendum

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The referendum held last June resulted in the people of the UK voting to leave the EU..

The majority of people (62%) voted for Brexit.

During the recent debate in Parliament on the Repeal Bill and subsequent result, which saw the Government gaining a majority for the Bill, a Bill which would see EU laws transferred to British law and subsequently amended to conform to the requirements of our newly gained sovereign status.

However, it was interesting to note the three Labour MPs representing Sunderland tried to stop the Bill.

This surely is not what the majority of Sunderland people wanted when they voted to leave the EU.

It was surprising that the three Labour MPs, who are in Parliament to represent the wishes of their constituents on issues that are of mammoth importance, have forgotten their role by their combined action in trying to reject a bill that is an essential part of our regaining national sovereignty and thus getting rid of those EU laws that are strangling our country.

Many suspect that the MPs were more concerned with ingratiating themselves with Jeremy Corbyn than representing the wishes of her constituents.

I recall the dire predictions of Sunderland MPs when Brexit became a reality. Nissan would leave the city and thousands of people would become unemployed.

Look at the reality. Nissan has plans for new models and the company and its workforce were awarded the Freedom of the City recently.

Across the country employment over the past year has increased by 78,000, a record number of people in work and yet our MPs are still moaning.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell ward