Is NHS crumbling intentional?

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This is a fun game, if you have time to play.

I called doctors for a ‘phone consultation’ at 8.01am (as per the rules of this particular game).

After 45 minutes of engaged tone, I phoned our drop-in centre’for an appointment (drop-in, that’s a laugh).

They said call 111.

I called 111, they said call your doctor.

I said: “I’ve tried.”

They said: “Call the drop-in centre.”

I said: “I have, they said call you.”

After speaking to two somebodies, 111 said: “We’ve just booked you in at the drop-in centre.”

Off I went.

The drop-in centre said: “Why have you come here? You should have called 111.”

I said: “I did. They made an appointment to come here.”

Drop-in centre said: “You have to see a doctor or call 111.”

Eventually, after a deep and heated conversation, they got me an ‘emergency’ appointment to see a doctor.

Off I went next door –about three yards’ walk.

I sat in the reception for more than 40 minutes.

Eventually, a doctor calls the receptionist over.

She then tells me|: “The doctor says go to A & E.”


Is our NHS crumbling or is it being intentionally crumbled?

Stephen Hanratty