Is Labour ready to govern?

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We are constantly reminded by members of the Labour Party that they are waiting for Mrs May and the Tory Party to step aside as Labour is “ready to govern”.

So imagine my surprise upon hearing Jeremy Corbyn announce on the Andrew Marr show recently that Labour hadn’t quite worked out how it was going to abolish current student debts.

How does this statement rhyme with being “ready to govern” if you haven’t got your fiscal policy worked out?

Once again, Labour is showing itself up as lagging way behind the Tories on economic aspirations and vision.

Mr Corbyn will also do well to note that not only did he and the Labour Party lose the election – it also lost it quite spectacularly.

In Sunderland Central alone the Tory Party had a massive increase in vote share. Labour also appears to have glossed nicely over the fact that the Tory Party got more votes in this election than in both 2010 and 2015, when David Cameron was leader.

So how is it that Labour calculates that with an increased vote share, Theresa May has lost her mandate for her approach on Brexit?

Sure, Theresa May fell short of a majority (just), but her party still had more seats than Labour, SNP, Lib Dems, and Greens combined.

The constant sniping from the left/hard left at the DUP I find amusing. The DUP was democratically voted in as the largest party in Northern Ireland and had a right to go into coalition with whoever it wanted.

The new hard core socialists (who are generally Labour voters) took to Twitter to vent rage against our democratic system, ironically using mobiles and other products of capitalism.

Clearly irony is lost on some people.

I just have time to mention that John McDonnell is still accusing the Tories or murder over the ghastly affair of Grenfell Tower, using such a disaster as some kind of political point scoring game is appalling. Does the new Corbyn-esc, “broad church” Labour Party have no shame?

Next time Sunderland Central voters go to the polls just remember the last month and a half of Labour activities since the election, Sunderland Central is taken for granted by Labour. However, our local party would be well versed to study the swing last election and ponder on the why question.

I’ve given them a head start here with the contents of this letter.

Former Labour voter