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My heart goes out to the unfortunate men and women who are victims of our stricken steel industry, the hard working people and whole communities with generations of loyal service who face such a bleak future.

Really they deserve more than our sympathy because they have been so badly served over the years by the various tiers of government, local, national and the fatally flawed EU.

Cameron would have you believe that the low market price of steel is responsible, but it is not that simple.

I believe the EU’s crazy green policy, coupled with their preoccupation for cutting carbon emissions and the fact that their directives prevent British government from subsidising the industry during a market down turn, is responsible for steel’s demise in this country.

EU green policy insists that British industry pays much more for our energy than other countries, a strategy which abjectly fails in its principal objective, which is to create environmental benefits for the planet, but manages very well to deliver spectacular financial advantages to China, who, ironically, is responsible for most of the world’s carbon emissions.

Sinful neglect by successive governments has allowed British steel making to fall into the wrong hands and to add insult to the injury, the very politicians who blame EU rules for preventing their intervention to save UK jobs, have the gall to tell you that a vote to stay in the EU will save British jobs.

Actually, since we joined this ill-conceived undemocratic collection of incompatible cohorts, the EU has decimated British manufacturing, fishing and coal mining, devaluing our labour market along the way, with its ridiculous freedom of movement directive.

It’s no clarion call to Corbynites nor is it a boost to Blairites because they are no better, but why don’t the Conservatives start conserving? And begin with what’s left of British industry.

Denis Gillon