Inconsiderate pet owners

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What kind of scum allows their dog to poo next to someone’s grave, and does not pick it up?

This happened next to my mam’s grave and it was very distressing for the family, especially as it is coming up to the first anniversary of my mam’s death.

Firstly, why would anyone want to walk their dog in a cemetery?

There are plenty of parks and places to walk your pet.

I even see people pull up in cars to walk their dog in Bishopwearmouth cemetery.

There is clearly signs in the cemetery stating all dogs must be kept on leads and all dog mess should be picked up.

I have seen owners let their dogs run all over the cemetery.

I have seen an old couple with two dogs who even throw a ball for their dogs – why ? talk about no respect.

This a disgrace.

I sometimes take my dog with me when I visit my mam’s grave, but she is always on a lead, and I keep her away from the graves and she never fouls in the cemetery.

Owners should have more respect for others and if they cannot be bothered to pick up their own dog mess, then they should not be allowed to keep pets.

I would advise anyone visiting the cemetery who sees an inconsiderate dog owner, who neglects to pick up after their dog, to report them as it could happen next to your relatives grave.

These owners have no respect for the dead or the living.

D Kell