Impressive – not practical

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This week saw the unveiling of “ambitious” plans for the Vaux site.

Plans that have been 16 years in the making and marketed as the big solution to the Vaux problem.

The plans do indeed look impressive, slick artist impressions and buzz words like ‘sustainability’. A real plan for the Vaux site that includes offices, apartments and events spaces.

Sadly, the plans fall short with a focus on image above substance.

Speaking to Siglion, the highly-paid company which is leading this development, we will only actually see one building completed by 2018. The other buildings will only be built if the council is asked to by businesses who want them.

A good idea you might think? The problem is that we are giving no incentive to businesses to set up on the site.

Why would they come here when offices across the region lay empty and little effort is being put in by the council to attract them?

We must make the Vaux site an Enterprise Zone, make it an area of low taxation and red tape.

This strategy worked for Doxford Park and it would work for Vaux.

Siglion suggest that it will take at least 15 to 20 years to develop the Vaux site. Without real change I might not be alive to see the result.

Dominic McDonough