Ignoring will of majority over Brexit

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Your recent correspondents CJ Napier and Tim Hudson show a flagrant disregard for the democratic will of the silent majority on the subject of Brexit.

Instead of accepting the result of the referendum and joining forces to make a success of the vast opportunities which lie ahead, we hear talk of “Resisting/blocking, whenever possible, the progress of this lunacy, and convincing our European friends that we haven’t been kowtowed by Brexit.”

We were obliged to accept the outcome of the 1975 referendum (only brought about by a change of Government and two years after joining, against our written constitution and the advice of the then Lord Chancellor).

We were also brainwashed into believing it was simply a “Common Market” for the greater good, following another multi-million pound taxpayer-funded “Yes” campaign.

No mention by Mssrs Heath and Wilson of surrendering our sovereignty, signing up to an EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty) and the end objective of a federal European superstate, run by Germany and its French poodles, to bleed us dry!

Previous referenda throughout EU member states have been discouraged or ignored by the Brussels autocracy, of course!

Their version of democracy. A referendum is: “The submission of an issue of public importance to the direct vote of the electorate.”

So why did the EU spend our taxes on a campaign for a “Yes” vote in the second Irish Lisbon vote, for example? Our taxes are also wasted promoting the EU and all its vanity projects.

Do CJ Napier, Tim Hudson and the other liberal re-moaners in denial, really think we should pay so much as a penny for our “divorce” from the EU?

It should reimburse us!

For 44 years we’ve put in twice as much as we get back (unlike the founder members).

There’s no such thing as “European money”!

In 2016, Britain coughed up £13.1 billion to the EU.

We received only £4.5 billion back and were told how we must spend it, whilst continuing a programme of bleak austerity which has cost us countless jobs and much needed investment we could better prioritise ourselves!

For young, misinformed politics students, the “European Parliament” doesn’t make the bureaucratic legislation, regulations and directives which silently pass into UK law every day via our Civil Service.

Un-elected, bloated, ever more powerful EU Commissioners (nobodies on the gravy train) sit in secret and rule over us, Politburo-style. The three main Presidents of the EU are also unaccountable to anyone.

Mr Churchill would turn in his grave at this.

He did indeed encourage a new vision of post-war Europe, but did not advocate the UK becoming an EU member itself: “We are with Europe, but not of it.”

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