If it’s to close it will close

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A​fter reading about the hundreds of people that have signed a petition in the futile hope of securing future of the station museum at ​W​earmouth​,​ I can​‘​t help but wonder when​,​ an indeed if ever​,​ these ​Sunderland residents are ever going to learn that petitioning just don​‘​t work​.

O​nce the powers that be have made a decision​,​ it doesn’t matter what the general public think or want,​ they will have their way.

​A​fter all​,​ just who are these interfering petition waving, trouble making​,​ riff raff who dare to question the all-knowing superior council officials as to the future of ​their ​city?

​If​ they say the museum is to close then close it will.

​M​​ Mcardle