I’ll never vote Labour again

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As you approach Sunderland from Durham you pass where the North Moor Public House was. It was a type of listed building and a lovely looking building. It was demolished years ago and is still a wasteland, nothing has replaced the building and it is an eyesore.

Then further on there was the Prospect Public House, another old pub and impressive looking building. It was demolished and a Lidl was built, another eyesore.

The the leisure centre was demolished, now the Londonderry is being closed, which is a great pub and has always had great staff.

Sunderland has no old pubs left. All there is now are betting shops, cafes, modern pubs and open spaces.

This is not to benefit the people of Sunderland. I blame the people of Sunderland for voting for our council and Labour MP.

I will never vote Labour again, after 60 years.

L Hurst

Disillusioned Labour Voter

Thorney Close,