Human rights laws are questionable

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So what’s happened to England today.

In the last century it was said anyone attacking, or killing a member of the royal family would be executed for treason. Is this still right in the 21st century? I doubt it. Jail for life, out in seven years.

Now we have terrorists. They can, and do as they like, at our cost. Who will stop them, our government?

That’s a laugh. They get caught, go to jail. They should be deported to the country of their family’s origin, along with every member of the family

We can hear the winds of human rights, but no human rights for anyone killed. If people give up all their rights to be normal citizens, they give up all their rights to any human rights.

When will MPs wake up? How many Joe-publics does it take to die before MPs see what’s in front of them.

People, old and young, are dying because MPs do not have the guts to fight fire with fire.

At 75 it is ‘My’ human right to die of very old age. Anyone dispute this?

And can we presume the word repatriation will now be removed from the English dictionary.

Mr J A Stott