Hospital care was great

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I was recently discharged from Sunderland Royal Hospital and I must tell you about my stay.

I took ill early one morning and my son had to call an ambulance. Having done this before, I was rather pleased when they arrived in minutes. Two very pleasant men, oddly enough both named Tony. After they examined me, they decided I needed to go to hospital.

Having had previous experience of going to hospital, I was not very happy.

However, they got me to the assessment room and the nurses came to see what the illness was.

I had been in this position before and was dreading lying on the hard bed for a number of hours as you normally end up with a sore bottom.

I was surprised after a short period of time that the nurse came and told me they had a bed on the ward for me.

I got settled, put my clothes in the locker and went to bed about 10pm. I just got settled in when the nurse came and told me they were moving me to another ward.

The nurses were excellent, especially Ella and Rebecca, I think that was their names. They could not do enough for you, very professional, and very sociable, and their work rate was 110%.

I got my discharge the next day. I was surprised at how good the food was, vastly improved from my last stay.

So I would like to thank all the doctors and staff, especially Doctor Murphy. I could not have been treated with more care.

Thanking everybody from cleaning staff to the top doctors, can’t thank you enough.

I wondered how many staff are employed there?

Thanks again to everyone and God bless you all.

Tom Donkin