Hobbies that keep me busy

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Well it’s 2017 and I’m back into my routine of cooking after the Christmas holidays. I’ve made an orange and raisin loaf, crusty white loaf, and a Welsh rarebit.

I’m glad to say I’m also doing my magic, ventriloquism and juggling.

My main hobby that I love is magic, with my tricks of silk from handkerchief, back and front palming with ten playing cards.

I’ve got two new tricks to also practice on. One is a coin trick, the French drop and the other is the torn and restored newspaper.

I am not going to do that one yet. I have just written to a library for information about how to do that trick.

I’m waiting for a reply from the library.

There’s another hobby that I will pick up soon and that is drawing. All to keep me on my toes in my old age.

I’ve just about finished a model of Stephenson’s rocket by using a Bisto gravy box.

Whatever I’m making I like to work with cardboard, and funnily enough I also like to work with cream paper.

Edwin Robinson,