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In his recent reply to my last letter W. Quinn detected a hint of sarcasm.

Yet in a previous reply he tried to belittle me by using fancy words from his well worn dictionary.

Well a quick “Google” search revealed the meaning. I can now bounce them back to him in the same context and manner.

The referendum was taken by the whole country not just one region or company.

In a recent television news broadcast it stated that the regions where car manufacturing was present the majority voted to leave.

Therefore it is a safe bet to assume that a certain percentage of car workers voted to leave including Nissan.

The reason for that can’t be found in his dictionary.

While he appears to present many facts and figures in his reply I doubt very much he will be able to research those figures.

Also in a previous reply he stated that Britain was slightly more democratic than North Korea.

I suggest that should be his next destination.

As for foreign buyers swallowing up British companies that has nothing to do with Brexit.

No doubt many shareholders had a say in that.

As Mr. Quinn took up the mantle on behalf of somebody else I will now gracefully rest my weary fingers much to the delight of my overworked laptop.

I only replied in my defence and I really don’t wish to become a regular contributor to the “Letters Page”.

T. Kerby


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