Hills belong to all of us

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The proposal to build 114 houses on the edge of Tunstall Hills is a significant threat to a key section of the skyline of Sunderland and to an area of great environmental and heritage significance.

I write on behalf of the Sunderland Heritage Forum, which represents the community heritage and environmental sector of the city, to register the opposition of the Forum to the proposal and to support council opposition to the it.

The city council has in place a longstanding clear policy regarding this area and the preservation of it as a settlement break.

I am confident that the city council will hold its line over this and reject any proposals to build on the edge of Tunstall Hills even though changes in national planning policy have made it more difficult to prevent this sort of creeping erosion of green spaces by exploitative developers.

There is no shortage of building space in Sunderland and, indeed, areas which would positively benefit from further development.

There is a distinct shortage of distinctive skyline features which add so much to the appearance of the City of Sunderland.

Tunstall Hills belong to all of the people of Sunderland and we should all be supportive of the council in this matter.

Your voices, emails and letters do count !

Stuart Miller,

Sunderland Heritage Forum