High cost of garden waste

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Sunderland Council have decided to charge for garden waste bin removal. This has come about because the domestic waste removal is controlled by the London Government. The Conservative-led coalition removed the requirements for garden waste collection from local council, hence charges.

Councillor Mordey says demand for waste collection increases as more new homes are built, are all these new homes exempt from Council Tax?

Council Tax bands run from A to H. This reflects the size of the property, and larger properties have larger gardens, and councils already receive greater tax levels to cover any garden waste costs.

Since councils charged for removing small household items fly tipping has rocketed, just ask Councillor Porthouse about Foxcover Lane.

Fly tipped garden waste is going to increase the millions it costs to clean up and pursue fly tippers! In Seaham, Durham Council charges £50 for three years, £16.66 per year while Sunderland is 50% higher at £25.

Councillor Mordey says those who do not receive a garden waste service subsides those who do. Well, Sunderland Council shut half of the city’s libraries, so those who can’t reach a library are subsiding those who can.

A fairer way to increase Council Tax income is to charge for adults occupying a dwelling. A single person receives a 25% discount on the full charge. How about for every adult over two in the dwelling an increase of 25% per person is charged?

Margaret Thatcher called it the Poll Tax and she didn’t attack the sick, disabled, unemployed and low paid working families.

G White