High Barnes streets are an absolute disgrace

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High Barnes used to be such a nice place to live. Now the streets are an absolute disgrace.

I haven’t seen the road sweeper in months.

The worst block is the second one up from Chester Road on one side.

There are always piles of cigarette ends, cans and plastic bottles, some of them have been about for so long that they are squashed, and general rubbish, some from the local shops.

Then we have the big old coconut hair door mat, which is in the street most days, recently with a pile of dog dirt on it.

Dog dirt is another problem in the area.

Apart from carrier bags, bin liners and general litter blowing about, the latest thing was a broken red plastic cement tub.

Recently this had the cement tipped out onto the path. The tub was taken away but the block of cement left on the pavement.

Then we have all the overgrown trees and bushes sticking out so that they are in the way and sometimes passers by have to queue up to get past if there are people going in the opposite direction.

It is even worse when cars are parked on the pavement. (The place is awash with cars.)

One of the most annoying things is the property with weeds that have been allowed to grow higher than the top of the windows.

This covered the whole of the forecourt.

How can people be allowed to get away with it year in, year out?

How about something being done for the residents of High Barnes?

It seems that we are paying our rates for nothing.

This place has been left to rot for too long and it is now time for the council to take action.

Name withheld