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I am trying to trace my family history and both my parents are deceased, can you help me??

I am looking for any relatives of William George Robertson, born March 20, 1909 and died September 24, 1969.

He was born in Sunderland and worked in the shipyard, down the pit, and on building sites. He was married to Mary (known as Molly) Lawson Robertson nee Smith. He had two brothers, Richard and Norman, and a sister, Iris.

William, known as Bill, moved to Rugby in 1938 and worked for British Thompson Huston and eventually the English Electric.

He had three children Mary known as Molly (born 1933, died 1999), William known as Billy (born 1938) and Irene known as Rene (this is me, I am the youngest aged 69).

I would really like to know about my grandparents Richard Robertson, also of Sunderland, and his first wife Katrine or Katherine Robertson nee Brown/e, who came from Kilmeena, Ireland. My grandfather was married twice and I know nothing of his second wife. I know he died in Sunderland but I do not know where his first wife Katerine/Katherine/Catherine died as she had left the family home before she died.

If you can help me, I would be most grateful. I have tried Ancestory.Com and cannot find where/when my first grandmother died.

Irene Landless