Health and social care need to be reformed

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For years successive governments have consistently failed to reform health and social care to cater for our ageing population, leading us to this current state of crisis.

It is encouraging that social care appears to be high up the political agenda as it’s important politicians address this critical issue for thousands of today’s older people as well as future generations.

We hope that all parties will acknowledge the importance of retirement housing by making it easier for providers to build more of such properties while, at the same time, supporting existing housing schemes. These help prevent accidents among older people and, consequently, see fewer older people using the NHS.

Any new government will face immense pressure to turn its words swiftly into action.

It’s time that the word ‘crisis’ stopped being the norm when referring to sectors that are fundamental to the wellbeing of our country’s most vulnerable people.

Jane Ashcroft, CBE

Chief Executive of Anchor – a charity and England’s largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing for older people