Green space is important

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One of the big plus points of living in Sunderland over the decades has been the amount of green belt around our city which gives a sense of space and semi-rural living in many areas.

All of a sudden this is seriously threatened with massive schemes planned for sites around Ryhope, Burdon, Silksworth and the Doxford Park areas.

Once built, these developments would totally alter the quality of life in those areas and the bottom line is that property developers often cram hundreds of properties into inappropriate space to make as much money as possible if they can get away with it.

Large tracts of green belt will disappear overnight, affecting residents, motorists, wildlife, walkers, runners and ironically make many areas less attractive places to live because many people highly value space when deciding on where to reside.

Sunderland’s councillors need to think carefully about this plethora of potential building development which, if built on the scale that the developers are trying to get through, will alter the face of many sections of the city for good.

There are masses of unused brown field sites all over the city in addition to areas where housing has been demolished and nothing built to replace it that should firstly be considered for development, instead of the unhealthy and unwanted mass developments highlighted in recent times.

Tom Lynn