Great job by great lads

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A while ago a very important piece of medical equipment I own stopped working.

I paid a great deal of money for this machine to enable me to get around.

I searched for a company to see if the machine could be repaired.

I had just about given up and was fearing that I would have to find the funds for a new one.

On the ‘off chance’ I went into a shop in the town centre (it sells and repairs computer equipment), I was told to leave it and although staff said they couldn’t promise anything, they would have a look at it.

To my joy and amazement they repaired it at a very minimal cost.

The reason for this letter is I would like to publicly thank Kris and Rob Davison, of Geekys in Waterloo Place, for such exceptional service.

They are not only ‘geeks’ who mend and sell phones computers etc they are really nice lads.

There must be lots of shops in Sunderland who, like Geekys, do extraordinary things for their customers.

Lets start celebrating and publicising Sunderland’s greatest strength – our people.

Thank you again Kris and Rob,

Margaret Storey