Government to blame for NHS deterioration

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However, in the years since then (2010) there has been a coalition and the current Tory Government, whose policies have led to the substantial deterioration of the NHS.

Events have shown 1,100 doctors to be inadequate. It can be considered a paltry number which reflects the deficiencies, now to be clearly seen throughout the health service. Spending on the NHS is growing at the slowest rate since 1955.

This is the main reason why a tremendous amount of patients are enduring long waits on trollies in corridors waiting longer for cancer treatment and operations cancelled. This is why senior doctors are outspoken in their anger and frustration at the cash starvation in the health service.

In the face of an ageing population, this Government has exacerbated the bed shortage in hospitals by cutting the total down to 101,589 – 7,301 fewer acute hospital beds since 2010.

The UK already has one of the lowest levels of hospital beds in the EU, 2.8 per thousand people compared with 8.6 in Germany and 6.2 in France.

Mrs May must be living in cuckoo land if she can’t recognise the crisis.

Nevertheless, we have the man who’s created the negatives in the system, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt finally admitting the crisis is “completely unacceptable”. But he wouldn’t accept any responsibility or promise any NHS, urgently needed cash in the next budget – unbelievable.

W Quinn